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We understand the industry!

Knowledge and experience of the products is important when you perform work in industry. We have 15 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Our endeavor is to share our knowledge with you as our customer. Don’t hesitate to call our customer service for assistance or browse our shop for the information you need to make a good buying decision.


Simple and convenient!

Bluemarket wants to offer you nice shopping experience. We gather all the necessary information about a product on the same page for your convenience. Our shop is open round the clock and when your need occur, you can place an order with us. It allows you to quickly return to your ordinary work and create value for your business.


Low prices!

The Pricing strategies in the Swedish B2B industry are quite complicated to understand. Large costumers received large discounts and small customers may pay higher prices and no one knows what the other ones are paying. It is almost impossible to know if you paid the right price.
Bluemarket endeavor is keeping down capital binding and keep low costs throughout the value chain from producer to consumer. We believe in an efficient market where both parties access the same information. This will create equilibrium between supply and demand and you will pay the right price!